Corporate Mobility

Corporate Mobility

In this increasingly mobile world, corporate needs to be able to stay in touch, every time, everywhere with workforce and customers.

Smart Solutions offers a complete set of advanced and cost-effective solutions allowing the increase productivity, improve communication, give the image of a connected company and offer a better customer service.

Our corporate messaging solutions can be integrated into your systems and processes such as ERP, CRM and enterprise systems applica­tions.

We ensure that our application integrates with your existing back office software and with all standard databases.


  • General: Send SMS, with content decided at run time
  • Finance: Send Deposit / Credit Alert or any Bank transaction
  • Hospitality & Travel: Travel booking, reservation confirmation
  • Medical Centers: Patient’s Appointment schedule
  • Insurance: Car Insurance Expiration
  • Retail: Customers can receive an automated message notifying them of the delivery of an order
  • Corporate: Scheduling reminders to staff about core tasks or supplier appointment
  • e-government
  • Automotive Industries