Q:What is ZajelGate?

A:ZajelGate is a web based application for sending SMS.

Q:How do I start sending on ZajelGate?

A:You have to get your own account by registering with us.

Q:How do I register on ZajelGate?

A:On the upper right side, there is Request Trial Account, you just have to fill the details & submit to us.

Q:Is the trial account free of charge?

A:Yes definitely. The trial account is free of charge & no commitment.

Q:How many SMS credits will I have on the trial account?

A:You will be given 20 SMS credits.

Q:If I need more credits how can I buy?

A:You just have to contact our sales team &  will assist you on your request for additional credits.

Q:What is the cost of SMS?

A:The cost of SMS will depend on your required volume. The bigger the volume, the lesser the amount.

Q:What will be the Sender ID of the message sent through ZajelGate?

A:The common Sender ID is "SMS"

Q:Can I have a personalized Sender name like company name? How?

A:Yes definitely, contact support team for details.

Q:Do you provide report on every SMS sent?

A:Yes, all SMS history can be check from Reports page.

Q:Does the system support other languages?

A:Yes, our ZajelGate supports English & Arabic message.

Q:How many characters for 1 SMS in each language?

A:For English, limited to 160 characters & 70 characters for Arabic message.