Usage of Corporate Mobility

Travel / Hospitality

   SMS is a cost effective tool that can reliably use to alert customers on booking confirmation, special offers and packages.

Retail / Consumer

   SMS has been used effectively for responding to orders, alerting customers on the status of their orders, collection of purchase or repairs, special offers or discounts and even sales.

Education / Training

   Through SMS, students, teachers, parents & staff are kept informed on the latest happenings like start of classes, schedule of exams, new courses offerings and more.


   Registration on properties and other government activities can be successfully implemented with SMS communication.


   Hospitals / Medical Centers / Healthcare providers take advantage on mobile technology to give to patients a personalize care, promote healthier lifestyles, maintain communication & constant follow-up to patients.


   Insurance agents need effective low cost solutions that allow them to reach the largest audience possible when prospecting, as well as a way to provide valuable, timely, efficient, communication with their current clients and customers. SMS messaging is the answer. Agents are using SMS messaging to send out appointment reminders, renewal dates and additional coverage options to client and prospects.

Financial Institutions / Banks

   SMS is increasingly being used by banks and financial institutions to deliver alerts, information services, mobile marketing campaigns, appointment reminders, tickets, coupons, banking and payments, and loyalty programs.