ZajelGate Benefits

The increased functionality of Zajelgate provided by Smart Solutions therefore now offers the following benefits to users:

  • Save Money - using Zajelgate, you can send hundreds or thousands of messages instantly for the price of few phone calls or few letters.
  • Save Time - Sending 1000 instant messages take less than 5 minutes.
  • Save Effort - Messages are guaranteed to instantly reach your clienteles. No more phone tags.
  • More Efficient Use of Your Resources - Your staff can concentrate on more productive activities. No more hours of stuffing and stamping envelopes.
  • Increase Your Revenue - With the savings from the system, your bottom line will increase.
  • Marketing - Your promotions will reach more customers instantly. You reduce your marketing budget while maximizing your reach.
  • Improve Relationships With Clienteles - Your clients will feel appreciated and respected.
  • Provides continuous and personalized communication between the company and its clientele.
  • Announcements of special events in a matter of minutes.
  • More effective in delivery of information